Grow even more of your own food inside your home with the AquaTree Eco-Sprout ProTM indoor garden.  All you need is power and water and the Eco-Sprout Pro will grow a farmers market worth of produce for you and your family!  With space for up to ten trays, which equates to about 40 plants, the AquaTree Eco-Sprout Pro is perfect for bringing tasty herbs and vegetables into your kitchen the way nature intended, full of flavor and nutrients.

The AquaTree’s modular design features multiple growing levels, so you will never have a lull in your yield. While new growth flourishes on the lower level you simply harvest the top tier when ready and rotate your lower level trays upwards.  Add a few new MauMats and seeds on the lower levels and repeat! And if you didn’t know what crop cycling was, now you do and it is simple and hassle free.

The AquaTree Eco-Sprout Pro is a unique way to bring some living art into your home.  The AquaTree line of products provides your plants the perfect amount of water and light every time. Our science backed watering system ensures faster and more lush growth of your lettuces, kale and fragrant flowers.  The AquaTree’s full spectrum light produces museum-quality lighting, in other words, you get plants that look exactly how they should without the newest Instagram filter.  And when paired with our custom MauMatsTM, your plants will grow two times faster which means you can enjoy your own beautiful food right away.

The Eco-Sprout Pro sets up in seconds, so you won’t waste lots of time with intricate manuals and instructions, and can get back to planning all of those delicious meals with the freshest herbs and veggies.  Just pop a MauMat into the trays, add seeds, fill the tank up with water, add some plant food, plug it in and you’re growing!

Eating simple and clean, just got a whole lot simpler and faster and the best part, you know exactly what you are consuming at a fraction of the cost that you would pay buying it from the grocery store.  Not only does the AquaTree Eco-Sprout make it easy to grow your own food, it will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each year at the grocery store.

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 22.25 × 22.25 × 21.63 in


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